Teknik Donanım ve At Veterineri Kadrosu

Teknik donanım ve kadro:

  • My clinic is equipped with a standard surgical suite that includes a padded wall tranquilizer / recovery room with a motorized hoist that is used to transport the (upside down) horse to the surgery table.  Our surgical suite also has the standard anesthesia equipment and vital sign monitoring instruments.
  • We also have a small laboratory equipped with a hemogram instrument to perform automated complete blood counts (including WBC differential) and a chemistry analyzer (15 analytes currently in-house).  For specialized laboratory testing currently not available in our clinic we send samples to the Turkish Jockey Club laboratory which is located less than 30 minutes driving from our facility.
  • We have 3 full time DVMs, including myself, who are all capable of performing various surgical procedures and have extensive experience in all aspects of equine medicine (including reproduction).  All 3 of us are dedicated exclusively to equine medicine and we do not treat any other animals (such as cows, etc.) The purpose of our potential cooperation is to expand our experience and see with another eye some possible alternative(s) or to confirm our previous course of treatment(s), as the individual case may be.
  • We also have digital x-ray machine (CR tecnolgy)
  • We have USG machine
  • We have endoscopy

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